Android TV Box

android-tvWatch Freeview On Your TV!

You may be using our website on your mobile, laptop or tab and would like to watch UK channels directly on your TV without using a HDMI cable. The best way to do this is with an Android TV box and there are many different types of box on eBay that are cheap and easy to use, however, to make it perfect, you need to make sure that it has the correct specifications.

A duel core box will work, however, you will find that it may freeze up and channels will not load sometimes, you really need to invest around €100 for a quad core Android TV box. There are lots of different models and makes, brand name boxes will cost you a lot more than a no frills box, you don´t need to pay for a brand name when a no frills box will work just as well.

The benefit of using an Android TV box instead of your tab, mobile or laptop is simple, you get a remote control. point and click to change channels directly on your TV, just like a Sky box or normal TV. The added software, such as XBMC, opens up an entirely different world of TV channels. Access movies on demand through XBMC plugins, search the internet with Google, download more apps, including games, more TV channels, movies, sports and if you want to watch Sky TV, you can purchase an IPTV package for around €20 from here that will give you access to all Sky channels and all football channels, including Sky Sports, BT Sport and Arabic channels that show all 3pm games. All you need to do is download their IPTV package for XBMC and you will have the ultimate TV system with all Sky UK TV channels for a quarter of the normal price!

You do not need to pay out any subscriptions to enjoy all of your UK channels, simple purchase an Android TV box, navigate to our website using the inbuilt internet browser and use our website, just as you would on your laptop, tab or mobile, it will work just as good on your TV, but without the hassle of cables and obviously you get to watch all the channels directly on your TV using a point and click remote to change channels.

To make it easier for you and to make sure you get the best box possible for the price, we have searched eBay and found the perfect box for less than €80! This box comes with the point and click remote control with keyboard, very important because with our website, you need to have access to a mouse and pointer plus it makes it a lot easier searching Google, entering text and enjoying more apps. To take a look and purchase this fantastic Android TV box on eBay, click or tap here.