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Dark review – a classy, knotty, time-travelling whodunnit for TV

Dark review – a classy, knotty, time-travelling whodunnit for TV

If you enjoyed Stranger Things but are actually an adult, then you’ll want to watch Dark, a sophisticated, grown-up, German-language thriller that revels in its own distinct and foreboding vibe

‘Stranger Things for grown-ups” is the TV shorthand that’s stuck for Netflix’s new German-language thriller, Dark. Is that a little too simplistic? Perhaps, but when a storyline includes odd goings-on at a mysterious government facility in a small town, the disappearance of a child and huge dollops of 80s nostalgia, it’s hard to argue with. Still, it’s clear that Winden, the small southern German town where the action is set, is no Hawkins. From the first moments of the show, when a deep, gravelly voice talks about time travel and we witness a suicide, it’s obvious that this is something rather more adult.

Jonas – the main character and son of Daniel Kahnwald, the man who took his own life – is struggling to cope with his father’s death and fit back into an everyday routine in the small, myopic community. Things only get more complicated when, during a late-night mission to unearth some hidden weed stashed by a friend who has been missing for a week, he’s the last person to see Mikkel Nielsen, who has apparently vanished into thin air as well.

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