Premium Members Area

Premium Members Area

We have built a brand new Premium Members area that has the following benefits…

  • Larger video streams.
  • 45 UK channels.
  • No side, header or footer adverts.
  • Cleaner layout that is lots faster and easier on the eyes.
  • Profile system where you can create your own custom profile.
  • Upload videos.
  • Upload photos and create photo galleries.
  • Invite your friends to send and receive private messages.
  • Create or join groups and discuss anything about TV.
  • Chat with other members using our live shoutbox.
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • More features will be added over time.

When you signup to the Premium members area, you will be given 1 week totally free to see what it is all about. You can cancel at any time during the 1 week trial period, so you will not be billed a single cent should you not like the Premium members area.

Please note: You are not paying for the TV streams, all streams are provided through Filmon and are free for everyone to use. Our premium members area provides a much easier to use and clearer theme with added features and advertising is removed from the entire area, although Filmon adverts remain within the streams. If you choose to use our Premium members area, you are paying to use the theme and features, not the live TV streams.

To get started with your free 1 week access, tap or click the button below…